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Private gardens of Philadelphia

The first-ever coffee table book on Philadelphia’s private gardens! Inspiring photos and expert writing spotlight select private gardens, where horticultural pride is part of the region’s land history.

The Philadelphia region is home to an almost mystifying number of excellent gardens, both public and private. With a history of ornamental gardening going back more than 300 years, Philadelphians take pride in the tradition of horticulture readily visible today in the sizable number of public gardens, esteemed horticulture schools, and the largest flower show in the country.

In Philadelphia and its surrounding counties, the reader will visit 21 private gardens behind tall hedges, down quiet lanes, or tucked into bustling neighborhoods. Here, gardening knowledge and plants themselves have been passed down through generations, culminating in a wonderful depth of expression from the artists, designers, writers, conservators, and other experts whose gardens are included. This book will inspire anyone who loves beauty to create more of it in their lives.



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Garden Fresh 

Garden Fresh, 100 Postcards features 50 different images of vegetables, fruits, and herbs from the camera of award-winning garden photographer Rob Cardillo. Upclose shots capture the distinctive shapes and features of heirloom varieties, including the curling pretzel bean, the vibrant fushcia 'Jackson wonder' lima bean, and the rare 'Nanticoke' winter squash. From the 'Dark Roden' red lettuce to golden beets, green tomatoes, lavender chive blossoms, and purple artichoke flowers, the rich sunlit colors of luscious garden-fresh produce saturate every card. The back of each card features a short description of each variety along with intriguing facts, like how the D'Avignon radish pushes up out of the soil when it's ready to harvest. A flip-top keepsake box completes this perfect gift for fresh-from-the-garden food lovers, gardeners, and nature enthusiasts.




Garden Flowers

A beautiful assortment of 100 postcards featuring 50 images of stunning garden flowers from award-winning garden photographer Rob Cardillo.​

The perfect gift for flower lovers everywhere, Garden Flowers, 100 Postcards features two sets of 50 breathtaking images taken from award-winning photographer Rob Cardillo, with brief descriptive text on the back of each card. From the explosive heads of pink peonies to delicate sweet peas, majestic hollyhocks, and fields of black-eyed Susan, every picture celebrates the exuberant joy of the garden. A flip-top box completes the giftable package.



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